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Weight Loss Story - Reduction from 80 kg to 70 kg in Ten Weeks

Do you need to reduce weight due to health reasons?

If you are serious about reducing the weight you can do it by appropriate diet and exercise.

Eat at least 500 calories less than your calorie requirement and do walking regularly.

It is the energy deficit that will finally give weight reduction. Exercise improves your aerobic health, maintains metabolism. Exercise may also give you pleasant emotions even though you are starving to some extent due to reduced calorie intake. It gives you a feeling of achievement and command over your body.

My Weight Reduction Project Started on 1 October 2016 

Maximum weight during the September 2016 last week was 80 kg.

Started the weight loss project on 1st October 2016.

First 11 days due to a religious event, only took fruits and some uncooked items during the day. Cooked food was consumed only in the night.  The weight came down to 75 kg by 15th October. From then onwards, 1200 calorie diet was started. The weight came down to 73 kg by 31 October. For the next two weeks. There was no change in the weight. That made me search internet and I came across the concept of weight plateau. The body is compensating for low calorie diet and is resisting the reduction weight.  The advice was to change the diet pattern.

75 kg photo on 18 October 2016

I started 3 days 2000 calories, 2 days 500 calories and 2 days 1200 calories pattern from 1st December. On 14th December, the weight came down to 70 kg. Along with reduction in diet I am also doing 5 km per day walking 5 days in a week.

My target is to reach 64 kg. I think it will take 3 more months to reach that target. But I plan to shift to 1800 calories per day diet from 1st January 2017 and some changes during the week (Probably 3 days 1800,  2 days 1200 and 2 days 2000 calorie diet)

My experience shows that if you are serious about reducing the weight you can do it by appropriate diet and exercise. I did not have any major problems to stick to the diet plan. There was some desire to eat on two or three days. But you can eat some thing more on some days if you have to, without any break in your weight loss program.

Weight Loss Story from 70 kgs to 66 kg

17th December 

On 14th December I first notes that the weight has reached the minimum value of 70 kg.
On 17th December at 8.45 pm the weight has reached again the 70 kg number. The weight keeps fluctuating on a day to day basis especially due to changes in water stored by the body. So 17th is also Saturday. On this day, my plan is to take 500 calories. May be I take 750 calories. The next two days I plan to take 1200 calories and once take reduced calories on Tuesday. I may be able to see weight less than 70 kg on Wednesday.

18th Morning

The minimum weight is once again 70 kg. So a good start for the next 15 days' goal of 69 kg.

19th Morning
Felt weakness. Recovered by afternoon.

Photo on 19th evening (70 kg weight)

29 December 2016

The weight in the morning 9.30 am has gone below 70 kg.

30 December 2016

The first weight measurement in the morning 7.15 am is 70 kg. From now on I want to focus on the first weight measurement in the morning instead of minimum weight. Focusing on minimum weight is resulting in a waste of time and number of measurements in the day. In stead of focusing only on the first measurement of the day will result in savings of time and also no further effort is required in the day expect the planned routine for the day. Now I am confident that weight will come down with planned diet.   Given a deficit of 500 calories per day, one lb weight will come down every week and hence in a full month 2 kg weight reduction can be there.

8 January 2017

Today the weight reached 69 kg. There is an interruption in diet plan because of parties on 31st December and 1st January.  But quickly overcame that by missing three dinners to reach 69 kg and keep the momentum of weight reduction. Now by month end I plan to reach 68 kg. 2 kgs per month is the target from now.

18 February 2017

No, there is no further weight reduction. 69 kg is still the minimum weight. In the first fortnight of February, I caught cold. Therefore no walking and more rest.

But today the good news is that my waist shows a reading of 35 inches. 

The reduction was achieved from 38 inches. So internally the benefits and diet plan and exercise are being realized. So I should still believe in the weight reduction plan and continue it for another two months. I want to do the weight reduction for the benefit of myself as well as for providing the genuine case to others. If your medical condition requires it you can reduce your weight by appropriate diet and exercise plan.

19 February 2017

Morning 6.30 am measurement showed 68 kg. 

In a day two kg difference. What was done?  Two hours of walking in the morning of 18 Feb 2017. A light lunch was taken. Dinner was not taken. A prescribed diuretic was taken in the usual course of things. The result was the reduction of weight to 68 kg which was the target for end January. Today if Sunday and some diet control on the day could help me to maintain weight around 68 kg tomorrow also.  This 68 kg reading is based on special effort.

26 February 2017

Waist  reached 34 inches. 

The morning weight today is less than 69 kg. By tomorrow will it go down below 68 kg?

27 February 2017

Yes, the weight has gone below 68 kg. 

I skipped dinner yesterday. Took only lunch for the entire day. Taking only one meal means, the intake can be restricted to 600 to 700 calories. Add 200 more for morning and evening teas. So a total of 900 calories will go inside for the day. I plan to do it once a week for the next two months.

6 March 2017

The weight is close to 67 kg.

Today morning at 6.30 am the weight reading is close to 67 kg. Felt very weak last week, but still had a light food on Sunday. Today morning I went for a 45 minute walk from 5.30 to 6.15 am. Of course there was some work to do outside. Reaching this minimum weight required special effort.

Decided to raise calorie input to 1800 from today. May be on Saturday and Sunday something less will be the intake.
1800 Calories Andhra Meal Plan for Weight Loss

11 March 2017

Weight Fluctuations

In this week, there is a big weight fluctuation. On Wednesday, I broke my routine and ate evening tiffin. This was because there was good amount of weakness on the day. The weight has gone up to 72 kg maximum. In the downward movement, it became 68.5 kg at 12 noon of today (11 March 2017).

What is the reason for fluctuations? The water decrease and increase. When one walks a kilometer, there can be a decrease in weight by one kg. If one does not drink water for some more time there can be further decrease in water in the body and weight further goes down. But very quickly the water will get replenished and weight comes back. Another issue is at any time, a person who is dieting eats more, the glucose store gets replenished and weight can increase  by 2 kg very quickly. So 3 to 5 kg can be gained very quickly in just days.  This point is important to note because many people give up their weight reduction attempts very quickly as gain weight when the exercise is reduced and food intake is increased even for few days. Same thing will happen when weight reduction attempt is stopped. Four to five kg of weight increase will take place. So weight reduction target or goal is to be set taking into consideration this likely increase.

After dinner weight is slightly lower than 70 kg.

12 March 2017

The early morning weight is 69 kg. 69 kg as a minimum weight was reached on 8th January. I have to now look for keeping 69 kg as the maximum weight in a day. Yesterday the maximum weight was 70 kg. I have to look for the day when 69 kg becomes the maximum. Will it happen this week or next? There can be a gap of 1.5 to 2 kg between minimum and maximum weight in a day.

On 12 March 2017, the maximum weight reached 71 kg. It went up to that number after evening snacks the reading was 70 kg and after dinner it went up to 71 kg. There was no movement during the day as I sat down and did lot of computer related work.

13 March 2017

The morning weight was more than 69 kg. But around 11.15 am, after three cups of liquid and 4 or 5 almonds, the weight is less than 69 kg. So it is a good sign to show that the reading will go to 68 in the future. It should go down to 68 kg without any special effort the previous day or the current day. It has not happened. May be it will take another two weeks. But in the meantime special efforts will be done like walking 10 kilometers etc. to push minimum weight below 67 kg. But I shall take 1800 calories per day every day to avoid unnecessary weakness. Last week I suffered weakness for almost a week.

18 March 2017 - Saturday

Minimum weight reached is 68 kg.

It is good because on 11 March 2017, the minimum weight was 68.5 kg. The special effort was a walk outside for one hour ten minutes from 11.20 am to 12.30 noon. A diuretic in the morning. I could not do evening walk on Friday (17 March 2017). No diet skipping was there. During the last week I was taking around 1800 calories daily. Also skipped evening walk on Thursday.

19 March 2017 - Sunday

Minimum reading today is 69 kg (11 am). It was the measurement in the morning. After one hour walk also, the reading is the same.

28 March 2017 Tuesday

The maximum weight is close to 70 kg these days. I have to wait for the day when it goes below 70 kg. I don't think so far on any day maximum weight was less than 70 kg. If it happens it will be another success in the weight reduction project.

From 6 March onwards, I increase intaked to 1800 calories, may be slightly less on Saturday and Sunday. Still I think weight is showing signs of decrease.

14 April 2017 Friday

Minimum weight is 68 kg. I am trying to maintain maximum weight at 69 kg for the day. What I observed is on a day when morning weight is 68 kg, in the evening, if walking for 5 km is done, the weight still shows 69 kg and by next day morning minimum weight becomes 69 kg and maximum goes above 70 kg. So the water loss that occurs during walking comes out clearly in the weight measurements.

Energy Requirement Calculator

For old people at 60 years of age, it shows the following calorie intakes

Weight                    Activity                 Harris Benedict     Katch-Mcardle
70                           Light                         2003                      2136
70                           Moderate                  2258                      2407

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Weight Loss Tips

For ladies, if you cannot go out, do spot walking 100 steps at a time many times. Once before tea, once before taking bath, during the time washing machine is working, before prayer and after prayer, before taking lunch, before taking dinner. Create an opportunity to move your body.

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Calories Expenditure in Activities - Calories in Food Items

Calories Expenditure in Activities

Men   Restin Metabolic Rate Formula (RMR)  = 88.362 + 4.799(cm) + 13.397(kg) - 5.677(age)
          Height = cm (1" = 2.54cm), Weight in kg (2.2# = 1kg), Age in years

Activity                          Energy Expenditure

Sleeping                                       0.02
Sitting Activities (very light)      0.03
Standing (very light)              0.04
Walking (3 mph 20 min/mile)      0.06
Stretching/Yoga                      0.06

McArdle, W., Katch, F., & Katch, V. (2001). Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance (5th Ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Find calories required by you based on McArdle - Match formula

Calories Expenditure for 71 Kg man

activities                            leeping   Sitting  Standing  Walking
calories/min/kg                      0.02    0.03 0.04        0.06
calories/min                           1.42    2.13 2.84        4.26
Minutes spent in a day           600     600 180         60
Hours Spent in a day               10        10          3            1
Total Calories                         852 1278 511.2 255.6

Grand Total calories spent for a day                             2896.8
Assuming 2500 calories consumption per day is more appropriate

Other Estimates

The researchers found subjects burned about 1 calorie per kilogram of body weight per hour while reclining, 1.08 sitting while reading or watching TV, and 1.11 while typing at a computer.

68 kg  - 68 calories per hour

How Many Calories We Burn When We Sit, Stand or Walk

Sitting 75 calories per hour

Standing instead of sitting may help you burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour. So standing for four hours a day can burn an extra 80 to 200 calories.

Stand Up Challenge  - Stand for 3 Hours every day

Stand for 3 hours a day - It is good for you - BBC

Calories in Foods

Maintaining the Healthy Weight
US Dept. of Health

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