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Global Obesity and Overweight Problem - Status and Solutions

Overweight and Obesity kill more people than underweight.

In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese.

39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2016, and 13% were obese.

Over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese in 2016.

41 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2016.  (30 December 2017)

Are you overweight?  Do you suffer from BP, Sugar and Cholesterol Problems?

Weight reduction can help you significantly.

If you are committed to help yourself, you can lose weight. Millions are losing weight and becoming fit. Are you interested. You can read the experiences of many persons and follow simple ways. If you want professional help, weight reduction specialists with nutrition and exercise background are available for consultation.

Weight Reduction Project Details - It is not linear. People have to understand and persist with the attempt

Aamir Khan's 25 Kg Weight Loss Story - 5 Five Month Effort

Waist has to be less than half of height. Do you know? Do you try to control?

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Statins for Control of Cholesterol - Information and Research Review

Statins reduce cholesterol biosyntesis (production of cholesterol), mainly in the liver, due to their  effect of inhibition upon HMG-CoA reductase. The antiatherosclerotic effect comes due to decrease in LDL cholesterol. In addition, they can exert antiatherosclerotic effects independently of their hypolipidemic action. HMG-CoA reductase inhibition (reduction) has beneficial pleiotropic effects and reduce tumor cell growth. Consequently, statins reduced the rate of mortality in coronary patients.

Lovastatin was the first effective HMGCR inhibitor commercially made available in 1987 by Merck.

You can think of stopping the medicine or decrease the dose If you reduce risk factors

You have to do it on the advice of the doctor only. It can be thought of only if the level of cholesterol is under control for significant time.

Unless risk factors are significantly modified to reduce weight, increase exercise, control hypertension and diabetes, and stop smoking, cholesterol levels are likely to return to previous values if statin therapy is discontinued.


Statins are safe medicines - They have to be given to people with risk of vascular diseases.
But we are collecting data to investigate the reported problems due to statin use.



July 2017


Statins Benefit many. A meta-analysis of 27 large statin trials shows that statin treatment is clearly beneficial and has to be given for many with a 10% risk of vascular events in next 10 years (Lancet, 2012b). Then we may avoid 10,000 events, including 2,000 deaths every year.

 The meta-analysis, published in 2012 in the Lancet, was conducted by the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’ (CTT) Collaborators. They analyzed data from 175,000 individuals by grouping them  into five categories based on high to low  cardiovascular risk.  Results of the based on 27 research studies,  showed that statins reduced the risk of serious vascular events by around 21% for each 1-mmol/L reduction in LDL cholesterol in all groups, including  the lowest risk group.

According to  Colin Baigent (Clinical Trial Service Unit, Oxford, UK), the relative reduction in risk of cardiovascular events with a statin is good even in the lowest-risk group and the benefits greatly exceeded the harms due to the drug.

Half of cardiac deaths happen in people the first time an adverse cardiac event occurs, so there is a limit to what can be achieved secondary prevention (which is treatment after the event and knowledge of the disease). Primary prevention, which is giving drugs to prevent the disease is  needed and therefore a threshold is to be set.

At the moment, the public and many doctors think that statins are necessary only if a patient has high cholesterol. The thinking has to be changed and new view that statin is needed if you are at any increased risk of heart disease has to be accepted and promoted.

Press release on research

NHS 'should consider giving statins to healthy people'
By James Gallagher, Health and science reporter, BBC News, 17 May 2012

Colin Baigent - Wider Stating use saves life


2013 OxfordNDM

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Whey Protein - Benefits

Advertisement for Whey Protein

Avvatar India

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Written by Atli Arnarson, PhD on June 12, 2017

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Daily Rounds - Academic Network of Doctors

August 2017

Indian Council of Medical Research- India Diabetes(ICMR-INDIAB) Report 2017
The prevalence of diabetes in the 15 states was 7.3%.
For pre-diabetes, the overall prevalence was 10.3%

Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2017 Aug;5(8):585-596. doi: 10.1016/S2213-8587(17)30174-2. Epub 2017 Jun 7.
Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in 15 states of India: results from the ICMR-INDIAB population-based cross-sectional study.

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Hair Dyes and Cancer Link - Ongoing Research - Findings, Conclusions and Controversies


Hair Dyes Tied to Higher Breast Cancer Risk
Study findings differ by race, but one expert says they're inconclusive
study lead author Adana Llanos.
an assistant professor of epidemiology with the Rutgers School of Public Health and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Research suggests link between hair dye and breast cancer
Oct 16, 2017
Professor Kefah Mokbel, surgeon, from London's Princess Grace Hospital,

Research Papers

Does hair dye use really increase the risk of prostate cancer?

Bang-Ping Jiann
Jiann BMC Cancer (2017) 17:724

Personal use of hair dyes and risk of leukemia: a systematic
literature review and meta-analysis
Kevin M. Towle , Matthew E. Grespin & Andrew D. Monnot
Cancer Medicine 2017; 6(10):2471–2486

Phd Thesis
Permanent hair dyes. Exposure, diagnostics, and prevention of contact allergy.
Antelmi, Annarita
Published: 2017-01-01

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Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd - Bitter Melon - Karela

Benefits of Bitter Gourd (Karela) Juice
Posted by Srishti Walia | Nov 15, 2017 | Health and Ayurveda

Control of blood sugar

J Ethnopharmacol. 2011 Mar 24;134(2):422-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2010.12.045. Epub 2011 Jan 4.
Hypoglycemic effect of bitter melon compared with metformin in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients.

Bitter melon had a modest hypoglycemic effect and significantly reduced fructosamine levels from baseline among patients with type 2 diabetes who received 2,000 mg/day. However, the hypoglycemic effect of bitter melon was less than metformin 1,000 mg/day.

Weight reduction

J Lipids. 2015; 2015: 496169.
Published online 2015 Jan 12. doi:  10.1155/2015/496169
PMCID: PMC4306384
Beneficial Role of Bitter Melon Supplementation in Obesity and Related Complications in Metabolic Syndrome
Md Ashraful Alam, 1 , * Riaz Uddin, 2 Nusrat Subhan, 3 Md Mahbubur Rahman, 1 Preeti Jain, 1 and Hasan Mahmud Reza 1 , *

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Ideal Body Composition

Human Body Composition: Approaches and Applications
Josef Brožek
Elsevier, 22-Jan-2016 - Medical - 324 pages

Human Body Composition: Approaches and Applications focuses on approaches to the description of human physique; clarification of the role of factors determining and modifying body composition; and assessment of biological and medical significance of individual differences in body composition.
The selection first discusses advances and developments in the methods for the study of body composition and chemical analysis of the body. Discussions focus on direct and roentgenographic studies of bone mineralization; caliper and roentgenogrammetric values of the thickness of subcutaneous adipose tissue; and soft tissue roentgenography. The text also looks at determination of specific gravity of live sheep and its correlation with fat percentage and interpretation of whole body potassium measurements.
The manuscript evaluates research on body composition and its relevance for human biology, including sex, growth, and aging, physical activity, loss and gain of body weight, and body composition in animals. The book also elaborates on sex difference in body composition, physical activity and body composition, hydrometry of growth and aging, and body composition and appraisal of nutriture.
The selection is a reliable reference for readers interested in the composition of the human body.

See Page 181

International Journal of Obesity
July 2002, Volume 26, Number 7, Pages 953-960

"Fat-free mass index and fat mass index percentiles in Caucasians aged 18-98 y"

Y Schutz, U U G Kyle and C Pichard

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About Dementia



Lewy bodies

Majority of cases are Alzheimers

Vascular 10%

Use left hand to write


Do knitting - use both hands simultaneously.

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Weight Reduction - Mantena - అధిక బరువు తగ్గాలంటే - డాక్టర్ మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు

అధిక బరువు తగ్గాలంటే - డాక్టర్ మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు

తిన తగినవి -  కూరలు, పళ్ళు, మొలకలు


అధిక బరువు తగ్గాలంటే - మానవలసినవి

పంచదార, దుంప కూరలు, కొన్ని పళ్ళు - అరటి, మామిడి, ఖర్జూరం, సపోటా
తగ్గించండి - అన్నం

శక్తిని ఇచ్చే పదార్ధములను తగ్గించండి. మాంస కృత్తులు, విటమిన్లు, లోహాలు, ఎంజయ్ములు ఇచ్చే పదార్ధములను తగ్గించకండి. రోజుకు 60 నుండి 70 గ్రాముల మాంస కృత్తులు కావాలి. కాబట్టి మొలకలు ప్రత్యేకించి తినండి.



మగవారు బరువు స్థిరముగా ఉండాలంటే తిన తగిన ఆహారం

pulses                    10044002020
Fruits    200100


బరువు తగ్గడం కోసం బియ్యం 25 గ్రాముల, పప్పు 25గ్రాములు, నూనె 10 గ్రాములు తగ్గించండి. 290 కెలోరీలు తగ్గుతాయి. అంటే 1870 కెలోరీలు వస్తాయి. ఒక గంట సేపు నడవండి.  బరువు తగ్గు ముఖం పడుతుంది.  ఇంకో 25 గ్రాములు బియ్యం తగ్గించండి. ఇంకొంచెం సేపు ఏమైనా పని ఎక్కువ చెయ్యండి. రోజు బజారుకు నడిచి వెళ్లి సరుకులు కూరలు తేవడము వంటి పనులు ఎక్కువ చేయండి.   బరువు తగ్గించే ప్రయత్నమూ రోజులలో పంచదార, బెల్లం పూర్తిగా మానివేయ్యేది. కాఫీ, టీ  పంచదార లేకుండా త్రాగండి.

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Aamir Khan's 25 - 28 Kg Weight Loss Story - 5 Five Month Effort

Aamir Khan gained weight first for his role of an overweight old wrestler (Film Dangal) and lost the extra weight subsequently in 5 months. He had lost weight in the old fashioned way only. Losing one kg per week which requires a deficit of 1100 calories for a day. For that he has taken 1500 calories per day. He consumed 2600 calories per day. But initially, he went to a ranch in Arizona and was active for 8 hours a day to lose 2 kgs per week for 3 weeks. This only gave him a leg up on his weight reduction project and probably gave him the confidence and strong motivation to complete weight reduction in a planned time to be ready for shooting for the same film.

Aamir Khan Reveals his Weight Loss Secret in Dangal Movie


Upendra Ahire - Upload

Articles on Aamir Khan's Weight Loss of 25 to 28 Kg

Amir Khan's Dangal Diet Plan

Year : 2014  |  Volume : 1  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 58-61
A thought that turned into reality -an interview with Dr. Vinod Dhurandhar, founder president AIAARO (All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity);year=2014;volume=1;issue=1;spage=58;epage=61;aulast=Patankar



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Planking - Exercise





The American Council on Exercise

There is standing plank also



Testosterone - Problem and Treatment

Control Waist to Height Ratio - Prevent High BP, Diabetes and Cholesterol Problems - W/Ht < 0.5

Waist has to be less than half of your height

You waist in inches (cm) has to be less than half of your height in inches (cm).

For example if your are 5 feet 6 inches (66 inches), your waist has to be less than 33 inches.

The risk of developing high blood pressure (blood circulation problem), diabetes (excess glucose in blood), high cholestorol (excess fat in blood) increases as the waist measurement goes about half of height.

There are large number of research studies which are confirming this relation.

When you go to a tailor or to a shop to buy a trouser. don't rejoice if your size has gone up. Immediately take action to reduce it. Do some diet control and increase your exercise to bring the size back to healthy limit.

Salman Khan maintains his waist well within the ratio



Add to 20 Years to Your Expected Life



Cass Business School

Some research papers are shown in this video


Research Studies






Popular Articles


How can you reduce waist.

1. Reduce weight.

2. To reduce weight, find out your calories requirement and eat 500 calorie less.

3. Do exercise as you specified in your calorie requirement.

4. Try to walk and do movements for one hour.

5. Do planking exercise.

Indian films starts are maintaining the recommended ratio

Figures collected from various websites in 2017

Akshay kumar

Height 180 cm  5' 11” (71")
Weight 80 kg, 176 lbs
Body Measurements - Chest: 42 Inches - Waist: 34 Inches - Biceps: 16 Inches

Ranbir Kapoor
Height 183 cm,  6' 0”
Weight  78 kg, 172 lbs
Body Measurements - Chest: 42 Inches - Waist: 32 Inches - Biceps: 15 Inches

Varun Dhawan

Height 175 cm, 5' 9”
Weight 78 kg,  172 lbs
Body Measurements - Chest: 40 Inches - Waist: 32 Inches - Biceps: 15 Inches

Sonakshi Sinha

Height 169 cm, 5' 6½”
Weight 70 kg, 154 lbs
Waist 27 inches

More actors' information to be added

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Benefits Standing for some time over Sitting for Prolonged Periods of Time

Standing versus Sitting: kilocalories expended per minute (1.36 ± 0.20 kcal/min, P ≤ .0001 vs. 1.02 ± 0.22 kcal/min, P ≤ .0001).

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

7-Day GM Diet for Weight Reduction

Many persons are vouchsafing for the GM diet weight loss. Especially, when weight reduction is not taking place in any plan, alternatives are to be looked for. GM diet is one alternative people are recommending. I think GM diet uses Atkins diet philosophy on day 5 and day 6 when protein and fat are the main inputs.

Interesting Web Sites  (Simple video included)    (Good simple explanation with pictures)

GM Diet  - Day 1  -  Day 2  -  Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7

Day 1  - Only fruits - All except banana

Day 2 - Only vegetables - cooked or raw - Only one potato per day.

Day 3 - Fruits and vegetables combination - No potatoes.

Day 4 - 6 to 8 bananas and 3 to 4 glasses of milk.

Day 5 - 400 gms of lean beef, 6 to 8 tomatos. - Use paneer in place of meat.

Day 6 - 400 gms of lean beef and vegetables - Use paneer in place of meat.

Day 7 - Brown rice for Lunch and vegetables

Vegetarians can take Paneer in place of Lean Beef.  Compare the nutrients.

Lean Beef

Lean Beef contains per 100 gms (when it is 5% fat type)

                   100g raw as sold contains
Energy              520kJ (124kcal)
Fat                       4.5g
Saturates               2.0g
Carbohydrate        0g - No carbohydrates
Sugars                0g
Fibre                0g
Protein             20.8g
Salt                        0.3g


100 gms of paneer made from cow milk provides

18.3 gms of protein,
20.8 gms of fat,
2.6 gms of minerals,
1.2 gms of carbohydrates, - Very small amount of carbohydrates
265 kcal of energy,
208 mgs of calcium,
138 mg of phosphorous.

In paneer fat is more. In lean meats also there are different types. 20% fat lean meats are there. So one should not worry about. 

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Recommended Nutrition Value of Typical Indian Diet - Old People Balanced Diet

                    Indian vegetarian Low Cost and  High Protein Diets

 Low cost Indian vegetarian diet                           High Protein vegetarian diet

Food Groups     Amount   Protein                          Amount   Protein
                           (g/d)       content                             (g/d)       content
                                          (g)                                                   (g)

Cereals & Millets   375           38                                   375             38
Pulses (legumes)      32             8                                     75             18  (Extra 40 g/d)
Green leafy
vegetables                 40             3.3                                  40              3.3
Other vegetables       50                                                    50            
Roots & tubers          40                                                    40
Fruits                         25                                                    25
Milk, milk based
products                  120             4.6                                500              19 (Extra 380 g/d)
Visible fats & oils     32                                                    30
Sugar & Jagg            25                                                    20
Calories (kcal)          2223                                            2578
Proteins (g)                               54                                                      78
PE Ratio (%)                              9.7                                                    12.1

Table Annexure 5.2 of   (Nutrient Requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians  334 page report of ICMR, India)

Balanced diet for an elderly person for a day

Food Stuff                Quantity ( raw ) g
                                 Males              Females

Cereals                       350                  225
Pulses                           50                    40
Vegetables                  200                  150
Green Leafy
vegetables                     50                   50
Roots-Tuber                100                 100
Fruits                           200                 200
Milk and Milk
Products                      300                  300
Sugar                             20                    20
Fats - oils                      25                    20
(Source : “Dietary tips for elderly”, NIN, ICMR Hyderabad 2000)

                                      per 100 gms
                       Water     Protein Fat     Carbohydrate    Fiber (g) Energy (kcal)      
Brown rice 14.0       7.3         2.2 71.1                  4.0 384
Wheat             14.0     10.6         1.9 61.6                10.5 375
Maize             14.0       9.8          4.9 60.9                 9.0 396
Millet             14.0     11.5          4.7         64.6               37.0            395
Sorghum        14.0       8.3         3.9 57.4               13.8 384
Rye                 14.0       8.7         1.5 60.9               13.1 375
Oats                14.0      9.3          5.9 63.0                 5.5 392
Potato             77.8      2.0          0.1 15.4                 2.5 70
Cassava          63.1      1.0          0.2 31.9                 2.9 133
Yam                71.2      2.0          0.1 22.4                 3.3 98

Updated 26 September 2017, 21 Juy 2017,  22 November 2016, 3 February 2015

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Thyroid Problem and Nutrition

Avoid overconsuming foods that can potentially interfere with thyroid function or interfere with its use of  medicines. Such foods include broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach, turnips, soybeans, peanuts, linseed, pine nuts, millet, cassava, and mustard greens. But these foods are healthy  in general, so one should not avoid them completely. But use them in moderation.

Nut Consumption - Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Nut Consumption

Emilio Ros
Article published in Nutrients. 2010 Jul; 2(7): 652–682.

Nuts (tree nuts and groundnuts are nutrient dense foods rich in unsaturated fatty and other bioactive compounds: high-quality vegetable protein, fiber, minerals, tocopherols, phytosterols, and phenolic compounds.  Epidemiologic studies have associated nut consumption with a reduced incidence of coronary heart disease and gallstones in both genders and diabetes in women.

Half a handful of nuts a day 'reduces early death risk'
June 2015

10 grams of nuts per day is one recommendation

10 grams of peanuts = 12 peanuts
10 grams of almonds = 8–9 almonds
10 grams of cashews = 6 cashews

Peatnut nutrition:

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis - BIA Devices to Measure Body Fat Percentages

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Calories Expenditure in Activities - Calories in Food Items

Calories Expenditure in Activities

Men   Restin Metabolic Rate Formula (RMR)  = 88.362 + 4.799(cm) + 13.397(kg) - 5.677(age)
          Height = cm (1" = 2.54cm), Weight in kg (2.2# = 1kg), Age in years

Activity                          Energy Expenditure

Sleeping                                       0.02
Sitting Activities (very light)      0.03
Standing (very light)              0.04
Walking (3 mph 20 min/mile)      0.06
Stretching/Yoga                      0.06

McArdle, W., Katch, F., & Katch, V. (2001). Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance (5th Ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Find calories required by you based on McArdle - Match formula

Calories Expenditure for 71 Kg man

activities                            leeping   Sitting  Standing  Walking
calories/min/kg                      0.02    0.03 0.04        0.06
calories/min                           1.42    2.13 2.84        4.26
Minutes spent in a day           600     600 180         60
Hours Spent in a day               10        10          3            1
Total Calories                         852 1278 511.2 255.6

Grand Total calories spent for a day                             2896.8
Assuming 2500 calories consumption per day is more appropriate

Other Estimates

The researchers found subjects burned about 1 calorie per kilogram of body weight per hour while reclining, 1.08 sitting while reading or watching TV, and 1.11 while typing at a computer.

68 kg  - 68 calories per hour

How Many Calories We Burn When We Sit, Stand or Walk

Sitting 75 calories per hour

Standing instead of sitting may help you burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour. So standing for four hours a day can burn an extra 80 to 200 calories.

Stand Up Challenge  - Stand for 3 Hours every day

Stand for 3 hours a day - It is good for you - BBC

Calories in Foods

Maintaining the Healthy Weight
US Dept. of Health

Updated 5 March 2017,   13 December 2016,  1 December 2016