Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weight Loss Plateau - A Normal Occurrence

Eat 1200 calories for day. As it is less than the basic metabolism energy requirement, you will lose weight.

If you are trying a weight loss idea and going on a diet and exercise plan, you may see the results initially but then you may not see any weight loss for some weeks. Various authors say it is a normal occurrence. You need to believe in the logic of your plan and you have to continue with your diet and exercise. The result can come suddenly. You can also try some other alternatives to break the routine and allow the body to give up its resistance to weight loss.

Why the plateau occurs?

The plateau occurs because of the way your body responds to your weight loss actions. It may reduce basal metabolic rate, it may increase fat creation, it may retain more water. In what ways your body responds, one does not know. But your weight loss routine will overcome the body's tricks over a longer time and weight loss will occur and you can see it once again in the measurements of weighing machine.

Try to increase Calories to sustainable level

Weight Loss from 80 Kg - An Experience

30 September - 80 kgs maximum

18 October  75 kg

1 November  72.5 kg

8 November 2016 - 73 kg

12 November 2016 -  74 kgs after lunch.

14 November 2016 -  71.5 kg evening 6 pm after a full day fasting - only liquids
                                   71 kg at 8.30 pm   fasting for the day
                                   73 kg after dinner at 9 pm.

15 November morning 8.30 am  72 kg.

27 November 2016 11.30 am  -  71.5 kg

4 December 2016  - 71 kg at 12 pm before lunch

To overcome the plateau, new diet - 3 days 1800 calories, Wed, Thurs, Friday,  -  Saturday and Tuesday  750 calories, -  Sunday and Monday - 1200 calories.

11 December 2016 - 70.5 kg at 12 pm before lunch

14 December 2016 - 70 kg before breakfast. 9.00 am.  71 kg after breakfast

    70 kg Target Reached on 14 December 2016

Next target  69 Kg  for  28 December 2016.

Updated 14 december,   11 December,  4 December 2016, 11 November 2016

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