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Cancer and Its Treatment using Vitamin B17

The compound being termed as Vitamin B17 was found as early as in 1803  by Schrader who found this substance in the study of bitter almond ingredients. In 1830, Robiquet separated amygdalin from the bitter almond. Bitter almond has always been used as auxiliary medicine of cough expectorant agent and cancer therapy.

At the moment, the medical researchers have not accepted as Vitamin B17 as a reliable and useful treatment for cancer. There are research studies on this compound, but the evidence they present is not yet sufficient. It is only after there is positive evidence from researches on animal that research on humans on large scale  is permitted. In the meanwhile there can be individual case study based research when the patient agrees for the research based medicine. Such case studies exist for Vitamin B17. As said earlier, they are offering strong evidence.

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Year : 2014  |  Volume : 10  |  Issue : 5  |  Page : 3-7
Advanced research on anti-tumor effects of amygdalin
Zuoqing Song1, Xiaohong Xu2
1 Department of Lung Cancer Surgery, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Lung Cancer Metastasis and Tumor Microenvironment, Tianjin Lung Cancer Institute, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Tianjin, China
2 Department of Nursing, College of Nursing, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China;year=2014;volume=10;issue=5;spage=3;epage=7;aulast=Song

Laetrile/Amygdalin (PDQ®)–Patient Version

Questions and Answers About Laetrile/​Amygdalin   -  Also termed as Vitamin B17

PDQ Cancer Information Summaries [Internet].
Laetrile/Amygdalin (PDQ®)
Health Professional Version
PDQ Integrative, Alternative, and Complementary Therapies Editorial Board.
Published online: July 14, 2016.

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